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The Day Is Near – Poem from One Born After 1980

August 18, 2015

The day is near
My heart fills with fear
Life is bland, without sound
Even wails, have all been shut out
Thick walls, no ears listening

The day is near
I do not know how to commemorate
Whom I should hate, whom I should cry for, and whose spirits I should beckon
Countless hands in history struggle to reach me
I can’t even be fair with pitiful sympathy

The day is near
Wrestling has secretly begun
Joyfully wearing masks of ignorance and ruthlessness
The black veil of power hides a sharp knife at night
Peering at the actions of the crowds in brightness

The day is near
Weaving of lies has begun
Warm sweaters or sun hats
Are just spells for restricting freedom
Start the praises, waste the pointless sentences

The day is near
I am even more afraid of the people's expression and questions
Facing the facts are the blind and deaf
Or those pretending to be mute
The most contemptible will bear false witness

The day is near
I felt shivers and despair
The lost is lost forever
The fought for becomes more and more distant
The searing torment melts like asphalt under a burning sun

The day is near
Put down the words that smear
Lay aside the pointless strife
In a quiet and unencumbered moment
Listen to the conscience that sustains life!


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