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“China Human Rights Watch Registration Announcement (No. 10)”

March 25, 2014

“China Human Rights Watch” is a Chinese citizen non-profit, public interest, civil society group, established in accordance with the law. The person in charge of the group stated in the group’s registration announcement that members had formally applied to register China Human Rights Watch with the Beijing Ministry of Civil Affairs, Administration Bureau of NGOs, on the morning of March 25, and hoped fellow citizens would pay attention. In December 2013, Qin Yongmin, Chairman of the group had prepared to go to Beijing to apply for the group’s registration but was intercepted by the Henan authorities. He was then kidnapped by the Qingshan branch of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau and was administratively detained in Wuhan for nine days. After this, he was closely monitored and was not permitted to leave Wuhan.