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Mother of Huang Qi Injured by Police, Put Under House Arrest

March 11, 2019

According to a source inside China, since the Two Congresses started, Pu Wenqing (蒲文清), the 86-year-old mother of Huang Qi (黄琦), the detained veteran rights defender and the founder of 64 Tianwang website (, has been under round-the-clock monitoring by  security personnel. She has not been allowed to leave her residential district or receive visitors. On March 11, when Pu was trying to go to the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau to make a complaint about Huang’s prolonged detention and that he has not been receiving the medical treatment to which he is entitled, Pu had an incident with several public security personnel at the subway station. She was pinned to the ground and was injured in many parts of her body. That afternoon, public security officers went to her home to announce that there is a temporary ban on her visiting Huang Qi and leaving her residential district. (In fact, to this day, the authorities have never permitted Pu Wenqing to visit Huang Qi.)  Monitoring personnel revealed that restrictions on Pu would last at least until the end of the Two Congresses.

Huang Qi was formally arrested on December 16, 2016. On January 14, 2019, his case—in which  he was accused of “illegally providing state secrets abroad” and “intentionally leaking state secrets”—was heard in a closed trial. Huang Qi said during the proceeding that he did not recognize the legitimacy  of the court, and dismissed his lawyer. As a result, the trial had to be suspended. Since Huang Qi was detained, Pu Wenqing has been calling for his release. In December 2018, she was picked up by police when she was petitioning in Beijing and was disappeared for 45 days. She was returned to her home in Chengdu on January 22 this year.




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