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Unstoppable Maternal Love: A Report on Huang Qi’s Case

September 5, 2017

On the morning of September 5, lawyer Sui Muqing was accompanied by the mother of detained activist Huang Qi as well as two volunteers from the website on a trip from Chengdu to the Mianyang Municipal Procuratorate’s Case Management Center. There, the group demanded to be able to review the case files of Huang Qi who had at that point been detained for nine months. However, they were told that, on August 30, the case had been sent back to the police for further investigation, thus it could not be reviewed. The group left the procuratorate and went straight to the Domestic Security Protection Unit under the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, demanding to meet with Huang and to speak with the officers dealing with the case. The domestic security officers promised to make a decision after reporting to their superiors. In light of Huang being seriously ill, suffering from multiple diseases, lawyer Sui asked the case-handling unit to address the issues of Huang’s rights and mistreatment in the detention center, such as being forced to stand up on duty for four hours. Huang’s mother didn’t eat anything for lunch, overwhelmed by feelings of desolation, disappointment, and sadness. Despite being fragile and in poor health, Huang’s 84-year-old mother accompanied the lawyer and traveled the distance to Mianyang many times with the hope of saving her son. Lawyer Sui couldn’t help but pray silently that the case would not turn into a humanitarian tragedy claiming two lives.

Huang Qi was taken on November 28, 2016 and formally arrested on suspicion of “illegally providing state secrets abroad” in December. His case was transferred to the Mianyang Municipal Procuratorate for review and prosecution in August 2017. Huang, 54, had been sentenced twice for focusing on the hardship of ordinary people and participating in rights defense activities.