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“We Are Very Far From the Truth”

February 5, 2014

On January 29, 2014, after Xue Fushun (薛福顺), father of China Democracy Party member Xue Mingkai (薛明凯), had fled to the Qufu Municipal Procuratorate seeking protection, domestic security officials informed his wife, Wang Shuqing (王书清 ), that he had “committed suicide by jumping to his death.” Family members are now requesting an investigation into the cause of Xue Fushun’s unnatural death. Lawyer Zhang Junjie went to the Qufu Public Security Bureau to file a written complaint on February 5, but authorities said the current evidence was not sufficient to establish a case and refused to accept the complaint. Below is an account Zhang posted on WeChat.

@Zhang Junjie: We are very far from the truth. I went to the Qufu Public Security bureau at 3 p.m. to submit a written complaint and materials to the Complaints Department regarding the details of Xue Fushun’s abnormal death, and engaged in verbal exchanges. Cai, the Complaints Department Chief received me, and reported back to the chief of the Public Security Bureau, the bureau’s Party secretary of political and legislative affairs, and the vice bureau chief in charge of this case.

Afterwards, Jia, the head of the bureau’s Political Affairs Department responded in person:

He said: “Xue Fushun on January 29, before 10:45 a.m. (the time the bureau received the police report) fell to his death from the Qufu Municipal Procuratorate office. A joint investigation by the Technical Investigation Departments of the three levels [provincial, county, municipal] of Public Security Bureaus of Shandong Province did not find evidence that he was killed by others. Because of family member Wang Shuqing’s refusal to allow an autopsy, the current evidence is not sufficient to establish a case. In addition, since Wang’s personal freedom is currently being restricted and her location is unknown, the lawyer is not allowed to meet with her to collect evidence.” He went on to say that if there is a change in circumstances (meaning that if the family agrees to an autopsy), the nature of the case will be determined and the lawyer will be kept up to date on the investigation.

This department head, Jia, did not give direct responses to the series of other questions posed by the lawyer. He also refused to issue a receipt of the submitted complaint documents, and hurriedly left, clearly appearing to have been sent by a superior to stall. My conclusion is, lawyers and the broader public are still very far from the truth.