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Ding Zilin protests block on June Fourth funds

February 9, 2000

Ding Zilin issues protest letter to Chinese leaders, condemning the persecution of Lu Wenhe and his elderly father. Lu was prevented from delivering over $25,000 in humanitarian assistance funds to Ding and Tiananmen victims, and was forced to sign over the funds to State Security authorities. Lu’s father, who was pressured to serve as guarantor for the transaction is now being threatened by authorities, as they are having difficulties obtaining the funds.

Ding is demanding that the families of Tiananmen victims be allowed to receive the humanitarian assistance that they desperately need. She is also calling for an end to the harassment of the Lu family, and an investigation of the state security officers involved in this outrageous attempt of state-sponsored extortion.

[Full text of the press release is available in Chinese only.]

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