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Facing State Violence – Extend Your Loosened Fists

June 8, 2011

A self-published memoir of a decade-long struggle to recover family home and possessions. [IN CHINESE]

In this self-published memoir, Wo Wo, a Chinese-American and the daughter of former high-ranking Chinese Communist Party officials, recounts her decade-long struggle with the Chinese authorities to recover what belongs to her family. In 1992, when Wo’s widowed mother died, their family home in Beijing was confiscated and all the family possessions vanished. Wo, then living in the United States, began traveling back to Beijing in 1999 to petition government authorities to recover both the house and the family belongings. During the protracted ordeal that impoverished her, she confronted judge after judge and endured humiliation, physical attacks, and even assassination attempts, as government departments at all levels shifted responsibility to others.

Her petitioning, however, opened her eyes to the misfortune of the people living at the bottom of the Chinese society, many of whom offered their help. It also deepened her appreciation and respect for others, equality and peace.

Book ISBN: 978-0-9800876-9-7
Author contact (tel): +1 626-571-8095; +1 626-993-8310

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