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Supporter of Asset Transparency Advocates Kept in Iron Cage for 25 Hours

December 4, 2013

Rights defender Zhou Li (周莉) told Human Rights in China that she was taken into custody early morning December 3 from outside the Yushui District People’s Court in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province. Zhou, based in Beijing, had gone to the court to show her support for Liu Ping (刘萍), Wei Zhongping (魏忠平), and Li Sihua (李思华), the three Jiangxi asset transparency advocates standing trial.

“I was trying to take pictures of the gates of the court house but was dragged by five policemen into a silver colored van,” Zhou said. “I was taken to the Zhuzha police sub-station for questioning. Afterwards, they strip-searched me and then threw me into a cage-like space surrounded by iron bars . . .  I was locked in the cage for 25 hours.”

While at the police sub-station, Zhou also saw a defense witness in the Liu Ping, et al, case taken into custody.

Zhou added, however, that she was greatly encouraged by something that a domestic security officer at the Zhuzha sub-station said to her. “The officer asked why I had come from Beijing to show my support. I said, ‘Because speech is not a crime.’ The officer said immediately: ‘We understand everything that all of you are doing. I believe many people will bless you.”

Zhou was released on December 4, and escorted back to Beijing.


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