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From Rachel Vandenbrink with the Radio Free Asia, “ Hada's Mental Health Slipping ”: The mental health of Inner Mongolian dissident Hada, who is being held under de facto house arrest after 15 years in jail, is deteriorating and he has been denied medical treatment, according to rights groups and...
From Patrick Burke with, “ Both Candidates Ignored Human Rights in China During Final Debate, Activists Say ”:
From Andrew Jacobs with the New York Times , “ Opposition to Labor Camps Widens in China ”:
From Austin Ramzy with TIME , “ Three-Year Prison Term for Nephew of Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng ”: “They completely failed to defend Chen Guangcheng’s rights during the trial and made no attempt to conceal their compliance with all kinds of procedural violations by the prosecution and the...
From Vishal Gulati with IANS, “ Growing Voices of Solidarity with Tibetans among Chinese Netizens ”: Despite intensified government crackdowns and internet censorship, many Chinese netizens - in the absence of a free media Chinese citizens are very active on the internet that cannot be so easily...
Senior Policy Advisor Gao Wenqian appeared in the segment "China Congress One" on Canada's OMNI News on November 2, 2012:
Senior Policy Advisor Gao Wenqian appeared in the segment "China Congress One" on Canada's OMNI News on November 1, 2012:
From Kevin Hamlin and Michael Forsythe with Bloomberg, “ Xi Climbs to Power Mixing Father’s Capitalism with Mao Communism ”: Xi’s task is complicated by rivalry within the Communist Party between the factions of Hu Jintao and former president Jiang Zemin, who will continue to wield influence even...
From Tania Branigan in the Observer , “ Fears Grow over Pace of Reform as China Ushers in New Leaders ”: "Deng Xiaoping had a famous saying about how reform should go: 'Crossing the river by feeling the stones'," said Gao Wenqian , previously an official researcher and now a senior policy adviser...
HRIC Senior Policy Advisor Gao Wenqian provides commentary on Voice of America Television’s (VOA-TV) weekly Chinese language program, “Let’s Talk Current Affairs” (时事大家谈). Wednesday, October 17 Program Topic: Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize: Sign of China’s rise and power?


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