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HRIC in the Media

Excerpted from an article by HRIC Executive Director Sharon Hom in Foreign Affairs , “Chinese Dissidence from Tiananmen to Today” :
Excerpted from Deutsche Welle's “又一名异议人士因煽动颠覆罪被捕 ” : 江西独立参选人刘萍和李思华告诉 中国人权 ,4月27日,游明磊在江西师范大学散发传单,上面写有 “爱国反共,恢复中华,天赋人权,民主自由”的字样,还附有今年2月被判刑7年的浙江异议人士朱虞夫的诗 《中国人,是时候了》。这首诗被中国当局作为对朱虞夫定罪的罪证之一。吴淦认为,不能仅以这样的传单就将游明磊定罪:“又不是用武装,用暴力,只是表达自己的一个诉求,一个看法。”
Excerpted from Der Spiegel 's “ Chen beklagt Festnahme von Familienmitgliedern ”: You Minglei habe Flugblätter unter anderem mit der Aufschrift "Lehne Kommunismus ab und liebe dein Land" sowie Forderungen nach Demokratie und Freiheit verteilt. Die Polizei kündigte an, dem Vater den formellen...
Excerpted from DPA's Erneut Bürgerrechtler in China festgenommen :
Excerpted from “Chen Guangcheng and U.S.-China Relations” on NPR's On Point :
Excerpted from Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera: I’m interested to know, how is this playing out within China itself? And how will this case proceed in China?
Excerpted from CNN Newsroom :
Excerpted from The Independent : The non-governmental organisation Human Rights in China (HRIC) said Mr Chen's nephew, Chen Kegui, had confirmed that his uncle had fled the family home. According to HRIC, he also said Mr Chen's father, Chen Guangfu, and the lawyer's older brother had been taken...
Excerpted from The Irish Times : Human Rights in China said Mr Chen’s nephew Chen Kegui confirmed that his uncle had fled, adding that Chen Guangfu, his father and the lawyer’s older brother, had been taken away on Thursday night, April 26th.


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