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On November 9, 2011, 150 Shanghainese petitioners gathered to celebrate Chen Guangcheng’s birthday in a banquet at Xinxianghui Restaurant after petitioning to the municipal government. A list of attendees is included.
Lü Gengsong and his wife Lü Gengsong, his wife, his sister, and his daughter
Mao Hengfeng (毛恒凤) was released one month before completing her 18-month Reeducation-Through-Labor order due to her deteriorating health. She had been in a prison hospital in Shanghai since February 24, 2011, when she was taken into custody, just two days after having been released on medical...
In one of the first Jasmine Revolution rallies in China, people came out to "stroll, surround, and watch." A large number of uniform and plainclothes police was present. Organizers have called for rallies every Sunday , with the next one scheduled for 2:00 p.m., February 27.
On January 10, 2011, Shen Guodong (沈果东), a petitioner from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, was released after a 10-month detention for “obstructing official business.” Shen had petitioned on behalf of his family and others against forced demolition of their homes. Nearly a hundred people came in a dozen or...
Photos from our event at Ralph Bunche Park, NYC
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