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Letter Calling for Help from Wife of Lawyer Yu Wensheng (His “Personal Notice” Attached)

October 12, 2017

Yu Wensheng, rights defense lawyer from Beijing, had his practicing license first confiscated in July 2017 for representing lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has been in custody since July 2015 in the 709 Crackdown. Subsequently, his license, invalidated, was returned to him, which did not allow him to practice. The authorities also pressured Yu’s law firm to dismiss him and demanded other law firms not to hire him. After Yu was summoned for “a talk” with domestic security officers on October 12, Yu’s wife sent out a letter (translated below by HRIC) asking for help and calling for attention to her family’s fate. Two days earlier, on October 10, Yu also issued a “Personal Announcement” declaring that he is ready to lose his freedom or to even sacrifice his life. He also announced arrangements for matters after his “death.”

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

Lawyer Yu Wensheng said: Tonight two domestic security officers came to our home to look for me, to talk with me. But because our child was here, I made them go downstairs to talk. They went downstairs and took the car keys from our flat, and they talked with me in the car. They made it clear that our flat has been put under residential surveillance by domestic security.

They talked for about an hour and a half, making two important points:

  1. They demanded that Yu Wensheng reach a compromise with them.
  2. They asked that I not say anything to others about this.

Lawyer Yu Wensheng’s stance was as follows:

  1. He will defend rights within lawful parameters.
  2. He will speak out within lawful parameters.

The domestic security officers said that there’s nothing they can’t do!

Yu Wensheng expressed that he will face lawful suppression head on, even if it means losing his freedom and life.

Everyone, please pay attention to Lawyer Yu Wensheng’s situation and our family’s fate. We would be extremely grateful.Xu Yan,

Lawyer Yu Wensheng’s wife
October 12, 2017

“Personal Notice”
Lawyer Yu Wensheng

[Translation by Human Rights in China]


Based on the extraordinary current circumstances and my personal situation, and with me being in the dangerous place of Beijing, I’ve already made preparations for paying the price of losing my freedom again, or even my life.

If anything happens to me, my wife, Xu Yan, will be responsible for settling my affairs after my death. If my wife’s freedom is restricted, my brother Yu Jingsheng will instead be responsible for settling them.

My friends please pay attention and give my wife moral support. 

With gratitude,
Yu Wensheng
October 10, 2017

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