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Nanfang Editor Explains Reason for Resignation in a Weibo Post: “I Cannot Take Your Surname”

March 28, 2016

Yu Shaolei, former Southern Metropolis Daily editor, explains in a weibo post the reason for his resignation: he can’t take the Party’s surname, and his knees can’t take it anymore.

Yu Shaolei’s weibo post:

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

This spring, let’s just break it off, clean. I’m old, and it’s gone on for so long—my knees really can’t take it. I just want to see if I can change my posture. The person responsible for watching my Weibo account and informing the higher-ups to make me delete my posts can now breathe a long sigh of relief: I’m sorry for causing you angst these last few years. I wholeheartedly hope that your work will take a new direction. In addition, I want to tell all the friends who have been concerned about me: this is goodbye— to the Southern [Metropolis]. (Sorry, I'd definitely practice my penmanship in the future.)

Employee Resignation Application


Yu Shaolei

Start Date

June 1, 2000

Date resigned

April 1, 2016


Southern Metropolis Cultural Supplement



Contact phone number

[Not legible]

Address after time of resignation

[Not legible]

Reason for Resignation:

I Cannot Take Your Surname

(Because of personal reason, [the applicant] was able to submit this application 30 days in advance. As a result, the work unit was unable to cancel in time the social security deduction for the resigned employee. [The applicant] volunteered to have his pay withheld, until the finances are settled.)

Signature of Applicant: Yu Shaolei, March 28, 2016


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