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Video: Lawyer Chen Jiangang Stands By “Transcripts of Meetings with Xie Yang,” Denounces State Media

March 10, 2017

In this half-hour video, lawyer Chen Jiangang details his meetings with his client lawyer Xie Yang, who alleges torture by detention personnel, and the process of the compiling his “Transcripts of Meetings with Xie Yang.” Chen states that he stands by the veracity of his Transcripts, and will take responsibility for them.

Chen denounces as shameless reports by state-run media outlets, including the Global Times and CCTV, claiming that Xie Yang’s allegation of torture was fabricated in order to pander to the West. He demands that relevant government departments, including the procuratorate, as well as CCTV, present their evidence, so that both sides may examine the facts publicly.

Chen also states that he wants to leave this video record to remind everyone that, if he is ever coerced into publicly refuting his transcripts in detention, that refutation will have been made under extraordinary measures of coercion such as torture, or under threats to the wellbeing of his family and children. Otherwise, he will never give in.

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