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A Heinous Story of Domestic Violence

September 19, 2012

In this account, the authors tell the story of Wu Muqin—a Guangdong peasant who was abandoned by her husband when she was seriously ill—became disabled after being beaten by her ex-husband’s cousin. The police did not respond when she reported the assault. Unable to walk, she resorted to publicizing her story in text messages that she sent out via her mobile phone and received attention from netizens.

Attached documents (in Chinese):

An Open Letter by Tian Li, representative of the Chinese Citizen Rights Defense Alliance, to Zhou Huiqin, Deputy Head of the Huilai County, Jieyang City People's Government

Commentary by Tian Li: “Donglong Township Sub-station of Police Sent the Evaluation Certificate to Wu Muqin”

Open Letter by Tian Li to the Head of the Jieyang City Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province

Written Requirements submitted by Wu Muqin’s Representative Wu to the Government