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Petitioner (Male) Talks About Xu Zhiyong (video)

July 19, 2013

A video interview of a petitioner in front of the Beijing No. 3 Detention Center, hoping to be able to visit Xu Zhiyong(许志永), the rights advocate who has been criminally detained since July 16 on suspicion of “gathering a crowd to disrupt order in a public place.” The petitioner talked about the help his family has received from Xu: food, clothing, and a place to live.

Location: Beijing No. 3 Detention House
Date: July 19, 2013
Interviewer and videographer: Liu Weiguo (Lawyer)
Interviewee: Petitioner requesting to see Xu Zhiyong

Petitioner: I can’t thank Mr. Xu Zhiyong enough. For many years, he has sent us steamed bread and winter clothes. That we’re still alive today—it’s because of Teacher Xu’s help to us—that we haven’t starved or frozen to death. Every year he sent us winter clothes, and sent us dumplings during Spring Festival, and found us a place to live.

Interviewer: Xu Zhiyong has been detained. Who will send you winter clothes this year?

Petitioner: I have no idea yet. I have turned to the local government, but they wouldn’t grant me subsistence allowance—absolutely nothing. My son was murdered and the murderer was released.

Interviewer: What is your thought on Xu Zhiyong’s detention?

Petitioner: I think they have it upside down. They don’t arrest the bad guys but arrest the good guys. This is corruption. This is a disgrace.

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