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Urgent Statement on the Criminal Detention of Wang Gongquan

September 13, 2013

Wang Gongquan, a venture capitalist, supporter of the New Citizens’ Movement, and vocal critic of the criminal detention of Xu Zhiyong, was criminally detained on suspicion of “disrupting order in a public place.”

The statement says that Wang was taken away by the police on September 13 after they searched his home. Wang’s family received the criminal detention notice the same evening. The signers warn of an intensifying crackdown that affects not just individuals but the burgeoning civil society of China, thus endangering Chinese society as a whole.

The signers of the statement are: Liu Suli, a former university lecturer active in the 1989 Democracy Movement, Guo Yushan, an activist who provided help to Chen Guangcheng during his escape in 2012, and Xiao Shu, a journalist and a strong supporter of Xu Zhiyong.