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Tiananmen Mothers: Open Letter to Xi Jinping

June 29, 2017

At the request of the Tiananmen Mothers, HRIC issues the group’s open letter to Xi Jinping (below) regarding Liu Xiaobo.

Letter to President Xi Jinping from Tiananmen Mothers Regarding Liu Xiaobo

Chairman Xi Jinping:

We were shocked by the devastating news that in prison, Mr. Liu Xiaobo became incurably ill and that it is in a late stage. We feel heart-stricken, helpless, and at our wits end, and so we decided to write a letter seeking your help.

Mr. Liu Xiaobo is a scholar, Chinese citizen, and our compatriot; he is also your compatriot. At this stage his medical condition is extremely serious. But as long as there is a ray of hope, we think that you will, like us, do your best to save his life.

You are the country’s supreme leader. We ask that you approach this from a humanitarian standpoint, drawing on the courage and determination of the global community of advocates for human destiny to allow Mr. Liu Xiaobo, accompanied by his wife, to go abroad as soon as possible to receive the best medical treatment.

We look forward to your approval.

Tiananmen Mothers
June 29, 2017


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