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Five Women Speak:Wu Rongrong: “I Look Forward To Getting Together To Chat over Drinks” (Excerpt)


[Translation by Human Rights in China]

Chinese original

. . . Looking back over the past 37, 38 days, even the most difficult days when I was forced to sleep on the floor and without medication, I knew I had to take care of myself, and be stronger. I hoped that upon my release, I would witness the scenes of others hearing, seeing, and feeling the sounds and power of women’s rights. . . .

I saw Maizi, Datu, and Wang Man in the detention center. Although we were separated in different cells, somehow, whatever little bits of news that came through, comforted me a little for many days. On the last day, I prayed that all four of them would be released, and that, if they must, they should detain only me—since I’m older than they are. One of my cellmates was transferred from Maizi’s cell. When she told me that Maizi also prepared herself to be locked up for a long time, I was especially touched. What strength she has.

The night I was released, my husband, choked with emotions, told me what had happened outside. I felt unprecedented contentment and strength. Just as teacher Wang Zheng says, “This is a worldwide women’s rights movement. . .  .”

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