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Editor's Note (CRF 2015.1)

August 14, 2015

In this new issue of China Rights Forum—“HK & Mainland: Shared Future, Contested Present”—we are pleased to launch our new podcast series. Building upon the discussion we initiated in two previous CRF issues: “Hong Kong & Mainland China: Building a shared Future” (2011, No. 4), and “Steadfast in the Storm” (2014, No. 2), this CRF issue continues an exploration of the linkages between the present citizen struggles and democratic futures of Hong Kong and mainland China.

Our new podcasts, the results of the conversations we conducted with a diverse group of individuals in Hong Kong this summer, introduce different voices and contrasting viewpoints on these linkages and relationship. The podcast segments are presented in their original languages (English, Mandarin, or Cantonese), with transcripts in the original languages as well as Chinese or English translation.

We begin with the following two segments and will be adding new segments in the months to come. Please join this critical conversation and send your responses, comments, and suggestions!

A Complex Relationship

Five voices on the growing cultural conflicts between Hong Kongers and mainlanders living in Hong Kong.

A Contested History

A mainlander working in Hong Kong reflects on the significance of the annual June Fourth candlelight vigil in Victoria Park.


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