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Five Women Speak: Wang Man’s Thank-you Letter (Excerpt)

April 20, 2015

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

Chinese original

. . . Thank you to my four “accomplices.” Their singing voices, which penetrated through the high walls, along with their strong and committed expressions, helped me hold back the tears in those many moments when I felt like crying.

Thank you to all my fellow inmates who helped me (I hope they are able to read this once they are out). They stood in for me to complete my chores and work my shifts, and gave me the best spot by the wall to lean on so that I could rest. They encouraged me to “maintain my spirits and be resolute until the end. . . .”

Thank you to all of the domestic and international women’s rights organizations and individuals. Your great efforts in raising your arms and shouting out on behalf of complete strangers, thousands of miles away, made me realize and appreciate deeply the tremendous power of cross-border solidarity.

The 38 days within the high walls have made me even stronger. Even now, we still have not yet gained the freedom and justice that we deserve. We will continue to strive and fight for this, and also hope that we can receive the sustained support from all of our friends from across the world.