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Kao La's Friends

July 24, 2015

Kao La (pen name of Zhao Wei) is a 24 years-old young woman, born in 1991. She graduated from Jiangxi Normal University Journalism School, and has been involved in public interest activities since her university years. Since October 2014, she has been working as the famous human rights lawyer Li Heping’s assistant, doing legal rights defense work, and participating in rights defense activities like the “Caravan to Overturn Injustice” (平冤大蓬车) in March 2015, and “Action in Front of the Jiangxi High People’s Court o Support Lawyers’ Right to Read Case Documents” (江西高院门口律师捍卫阅卷权).

On July 10, 215, Kao La’s home was searched and she was taken away by Beijing police officers. To this date, no detention notice has been served. We don’t even know where she is being held, and so her family members are unable to visit her.

The Kao La we know is uprights, kind, and hardworking. Her aim is to be a lawyer, so that she can help vulnerable groups unable to get equal treatment in the judicial system. She was planning to take the Judicial Examination in September, but she has been missing for 14 days now.

Kao La’s parents and friends are all extremely worried about her, worried about the mental and physical abuse and torment such a young girl is suffering. We hope the persons responsible for taking Kao La away will give us a response. If Kao La has committed any crime, please make it public in accordance with the law and let her exercise her right to find a lawyer. If she hasn’t committed any crimes, please release her as soon as possible. We miss our friend – Kao La.

Kao La’s friends

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