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Li Tingting (Maizi): “Short in words but long in love—there are too many thanks that I would like to give" (Excerpt)

April 20, 2015

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

Chinese original

. . . Thank you to all the international friends for your support. Thank you to all of the many allies and like-minded people—those we know and don’t know. It was your concern and support, along with your vigorous appeals, that made even more people know and understand us, and that made the world and China see the strength of young feminist activists. If we finally achieve the dignity and freedom we deserve, your contributions cannot be overlooked.

Thank you to my family. You faced danger fearlessly, withstood the pressure, and refused to write the family letter to urge me to confess. You became my most solid backing and safe harbor, allowing me to be absolutely free from worry about my family.

Thank you to my girlfriend, who endured humiliation and abuse during difficult moments, and used her own methods to strive for the best outcome for me. To this day, she is still exhausting herself in planning and making arrangements for me for after my release. Xiao La, sorry, I have made you suffer.

Short in words but long in love. There are too many thanks I would like to give. I hope that in the future I will have an opportunity to say thank you to all. Revolution has not yet been accomplished; comrades still need to work hard. Going forward, I will continue to strive for my own innocence and freedom and never stop in the pursuit of justice. My faith in women’s rights has never wavered and has only become more clear and firm after the storm! Thank you again to everyone!

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