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Li Wenzu “Disappeared” on 6th Day of “March for Her Husband”

April 9, 2018

On April 4, 2018, the 999th day of her husband’s disappearance, Li Wenzu, wife of lawyer Wang Quanzhang who was arrested in the 709 Crackdown, started her march, from the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing to the Tianjin No.2 Intermediate People's Court to search for her husband. On April 9, 2018, Day 6 of the march, she was kidnapped by a group of Tianjin domestic security personnel and taken to Douzhangzhuang police substation in the Wuqing District of Tianjin. Li Wenzu condemned her unlawful detention and presented three demands to the “leader,” claiming to be from the “709 Special Investigation Team,” who came to speak with her. Her demands are: 1) immediately allow the family-retained lawyers to meet with Wang Quanzhang; 2) allow her and the family-retained lawyers to meet with the presiding judge on Wang’s case; 3) try Wang Quanzhang if he’s accused of a crime, release him if he is innocent.

Wang Quanzhang was disappeared by security forces in July 2015, arrested by the Tianjin Municipal Police Security Bureau on January 8, 2016, and indicted in February 2017 on the charge of “subversion of state power.” Among the over 300 lawyers and defenders detained during the 709 Crackdown of July 2015, Wang is the only person who has not been allowed to meet with lawyers or families, and whose case has still not been tried. 

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

Li Wenzu walks sixty miles searching for her husband,
only to be disappeared on sixth day

Around 10:55 am, when we arrived in the hotel lobby to check out, a group of people suddenly stormed into the hall and surrounded us. One of them (later revealed to be Liu Yajun, department head of the Tianjin Bureau of Domestic Security) gave an order to take my mobile phone. My phone was immediately taken away, and I had only recorded four seconds of video. Then, a large man and a large woman stepped forward and grabbed me by the arms. Liu Yajun pushed me forcefully from behind... As a result, in under a minute, I was shoved into a car.

They took me to the Douzhangzhuang police substation in the Wuqing District. In a small conference room, at an oval-shaped conference table, four men and one woman kept watch over me.

Tianjin Domestic Security Liu Yajun said that they had never had the opportunity to communicate with me, and that today is just the opportunity they had been looking for.

I said, surprised: This is how you look for opportunities to talk to me?! By having dozens of people charge at me and grab me, and take me to the police precinct?

Liu Yajun quickly explained: I didn’t grab you?...

I grew even more puzzled: Then what is this all about?!

Liu Yajun: We are just looking for an opportunity to communicate with you.

I stared at Liu Yajun and said: You have taken my husband for more than a thousand days, and it’s not clear whether he is dead or alive. As his wife, how could my coming out and looking for the whereabouts of my husband be illegal? You can inform me, and I will abide the law! You grabbed me and took me to the police station without any official procedures. Is this how you communicate?? It’s you who break the law. I will not talk to you lawbreakers.

You either let me out to continue looking for my husband, or you can kill me right here however you wish!!

All four men and the woman remained silent. . .

During lunchtime, Liu Yajun brought me a meal. Of course I did not want to eat the food from the police station, but I couldn’t give it much consideration, as I had to maintain my strength. I ate half of the plain rice (I didn’t touch the rest, because I could tell that the rice was clean at least).

After the meal, Liu Yajun did not return, leaving three men and one woman from Domestic Security to watch over me, none of whom dared to speak to me. They also did not dare to chat with each other, and all took comfortable naps right where they were. I also rested on top of the table. But a moment later, someone began to snore and it was very noisy! I raised my head and rolled my eyes before continuing to rest on top of the table.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but Liu Yajun returned to wake me up and said: The leader is coming, and he wants to talk with you.

A man dressed in blue sat down across from me at the table. I asked him to show his credentials, and he quickly flashed them in front of my eyes for a second, and I didn't see them clearly at all. But the name appeared to be Sheng Tong from the Tianjin Public Security Bureau.

He claimed that he was from the “709 Special Investigation Team” and that he had come to talk with me to see what my purpose was. I said: What you’ve said is wrong. All of my behavior is within my legitimate rights and is a reasonable appeal. He said: Fine, then tell us just what is your appeal, and we can report it and discuss it with our supervisors. I said: I am following the proper procedure, so what is there even to discuss? You all are a bunch of scammers!

He said: Aren’t you doing this for Wang Quanzhang, and don’t you want to see a judge? Didn't you say, “If you think he’s guilty of crime, try him in court; if he’s innocent, then release him”? Well, I am here to talk about these things with you! You speak, and I will write it down!

I said: 1) Immediately allow the family-retained lawyers to meet with Wang Quanzhang; 2) Allow him and the family-retained lawyers to meet with the presiding judge on Wang’s case; 3) If he’s accused of a crime, then try him in court. If he’s innocent, then release him.

Then, I was forced to listen to him say the exact same things as Liu Yajun said to me.

He was just talking in circles, and I will spare you the details... 

But I was also surprised. How could such a high-level person who is supposed to be so competent actually be so long-winded and annoying!!!!! I tried several times to interrupt him and failed!

After 4 o'clock in the afternoon, they proposed to send me back to Shijingshan, but I would not agree to go. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it’s my freedom. The police have a job to do, but they fail at it, and now they’ve expanded their role way too far into things that aren’t their business! We fought over this for another half an hour. . .

Finally, I left the police station with my 709 friends Ge Ping and Fan Lili, who had been waiting outside the police station the entire time. We were all very hungry, and when we were gorging at the restaurant near the police station, our three friends Wang Qiaoling, Liu Ermin, and Yuan Xi came to pick us up! Li Heping also came to get us!


Li Wenzu
10:00pm, April 9, 2018