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My Husband Li Heping, Part 1 — Excerpts

July 21, 2015

Heping is not a big man, just 164cm tall. Because he worked so hard, his hair turned half white a decade ago. He continued dyeing his hair until six months ago, when he jokingly said, “truth starts at the beginning” [“beginning” is “head” in Chinese].

Heping, in my opinion, is a thinking type of person. Because he doesn’t talk much, most of his time he spends reading, thinking. . . .

Heping's dedication to his work, perseverance, and fearlessness of “inconvenience” has left a deep impression on me. . . .

On many occasions, neighbors have come to find him for consultation when they discovered he was a lawyer. Even if it happened during our family dinner, he would put down his bowl to speak with them. He is even more polite with security guards, garbage pickers, and the like. Ten years ago, an old man came all the way to Beijing to seek a lawyer's help after his contracted forestland was forcibly occupied, and he found Heping. He had been living a pitiful life under a bridge. After the consultation, Heping gave him 1,000 yuan. His colleagues at the law firm joked with him, saying it wouldn’t be rare for a 20-year-old to do this, but for someone in his 30s, it’s just weird.

Actually, I don't think Heping doing this is weird at all.

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