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Quanzhang, We're Waiting for You to Come Home—Excerpts

August 6, 2015

“If I don't do this, and if nobody does it, then what would happen to the people who need help?”—Wang Quangzhang

. . .

As the wife of a human rights lawyer, I worry about your safety constantly. Every time I see you drag your tired body home after rushing around day and night—everything my eyes take in hurts my heart. And you are often in danger of being stalked, threatened, beaten, and even detained. That’s why I’d urged you to change your profession, or just handle commercial cases. Yet you calmly said, “If I don't do this, and if nobody does it, then what would happen to the people who need help? I am protecting the rights of people in accordance with the law. In case something bad happens, I just have to face it bravely—this is also what you often encourage me to do.” Considering what is happening now, I think I’m really not handling things well: I am overwhelmed by worries and fears every day. I'm worried about how our son, not yet three—who wants to see his dad every day but can’t see him for a long time—will be emotionally traumatized. I'm afraid that your mom, whose health is just improving a bit, won’t be able to handle this blow. Above all, I'm worried about your safety. I don't know what they will do to you. Has the injury on your head healed? Don't worry. I still believe everything will be fine. Gradually, I will myself grow and face everything bravely.

Although I fought with you in the past, and hoped you would quit this dangerous profession, I have long since been touched by your character. You have widened my horizons so much and made me live a different life. I have no regrets at all! Don't you worry, I will take good care of our child, comfort you dad and mom. We all wait for you to come home!


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