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A Specific Question: When Will the “Two No Worries and Three Guarantees” be Truly and Fully Realized?

February 16, 2020

In this article, Lu Dachun, a long-time petitioner who previously served a two year-sentence for petitioning-related activities, points out that although the central government has emphasized the need to solve the outstanding problems of "two no worries [about food and clothing] and three guarantees [of compulsory education, basic medical care, and security of housing]," and to achieve the goal of comprehensively building a well-off society, local governments have not implemented the policies properly. This failure, Lu states, has caused some disadvantaged families to fall into difficult or even desperate situation when they suffer a catastrophic disaster.

The writer offers the Lu Bin family of farmers in Peng'an County, Sichuan as an example: Lu Bin is fighting a lawsuit about his permanent disability due to work-related injuries; his wife is suffering from liver cancer and has no money for surgery; his 82-year-old mother is bedridden due to permanent disability but has no one to care for her; and his two children may have to temporarily or permanently drop out of school. The government's temporary assistance of a few hundred to a thousand yuan can't solve the layers of difficult and concrete problems described above. The writer recommends that the CPC Central Committee comprehensively inspect these problems to truly and fully realize the "two no worries and three guarantees."






  1. 他们是2011年未建立社会保障关系的被征地农民,长期面临“种地无田、上班无岗、社保无份、创业无钱、最基本生存难,长期上访不能解决问题,阻拦工程政府不允许,除了被强制稳控不允许到上级去上访之外,就是无人理睬”的困境。本社两家邻居共四人为此于2019年状告蓬安县政府和河舒镇政府,征地行为违法,蓬安政府伪证应诉赢官司,两家邻居共四人已上诉至四川省高级人民法院;
  2. 患有糖尿病和膀胱炎的陆斌,外出浙江建筑打工,于2018年12月17日从两米高的架子上不慎坠落,摔成胸12椎体骨折,入住于浙江永嘉县人民医院术后,至2019年3月4日出院,已成终身残疾,据医嘱:1年后拆除内固定,如今在康复期,不能劳动挣钱,且工伤官司至今一直迟迟尚未了结;
  3. 陆斌82岁老母于去年不幸重伤骨折已成终身残疾卧床需专人护理;
  4. 尹利群于2020年1月14日,在四川大学华西医院查出患上肝癌,因无钱手术而返家筹集手术费用。他们家连遭悲惨不幸出现的实际问题如下:
  5. 尹利群春节前返家后,至今筹不到手术费用;
  6. 卧床需专人护理的82岁老母,无人护理;
  7. 尹利群娘家膝下无子赡养的79岁继父和69岁母亲无法正常生活了;
  8. 在蓬安锦屏高二十四班的儿子陆科君,和在蓬安河舒小学六年级二班的女儿陆美会,面临辍学或彻底失学。


  1. 春节前才给予了临时救助,现在不能再给临时救助了;
  2. 手术出院后根据政策申请医疗救助;
  3. 陆斌因工伤官司至今一直迟迟尚未了结的问题,可以申请法律援助;
  4. 在校儿女面临辍学或彻底失学的问题无法解决。




  1. 人人拥有基本生存权,即不再发生人被困死特别是被活活地饿死的事情;
  2. 人人拥有基本居住权,即人人拥有基本住房,城乡不再有无房户的事情;
  3. 人人拥有基本健康权,即凡是在医学上能够医治或者能够改善生存质量延长寿命的疾病,不再因贫穷而不能入院治病的事情;
  4. 每个未成年人都有接受教育的权利,即适龄学生不再因贫穷或家庭突遭不幸而辍学和失学的事情;
  5. 每个劳动力都有就业权,即凡是包括高等院校毕业生、退伍军人、被征地农民、企业下岗职工的适龄就业人员等等,都有就业的权利。




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