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Statement by Fan Mugen's Family on Lawyer Wang Yu

July 18, 2015

We hereby state:

Lawyer Wang Yu represented Fan Mugen—my [Fan Yonghai’s] father and my [Gu Panzhen’s] husband—in his defense. Wang Yu held onto principles, was not afraid of pressure, and conducted the defense in accordance with the law. The lawyers never instructed me (or my family) to do anything in violation of the law. My father Fan Mugen was sentenced to eight years in the first-instance trial, and my whole family is grateful to Wang Yu’s hard work.

Source (CH): | 新公民运动

Editor's note: Fan Mugen, a retired People's Liberation Army officer, was sentenced to eight years in prison for attacking a demolition gang who came to raze his home and  beat and severely wounded his wife and son. Fan was tried on February 4, 2015 at the Suzhou Intermediate Court and convicted of inflicting "intentional harm" on others.

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