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Statement by Xie Yang 's Wife to Chinese lawyers

October 9, 2016

In her statement, Chen Guiqiu, wife of lawyer Xie Yang who was detained in the 709 crackdown, calls attention to the procedural violations committed by the authorities with regard to her husband’s case. The two lawyers she retained to serve as her husband’s defense lawyers, Zhang Chongshi and Lin Qilei, submitted all processing documents to the respective case handling units in accordance with the law and in a timely manner. However, the case handling units and personnel intentionally put off fulfilling their legal responsibilities, refusing to allow the defense lawyers to meet with Xie or review case documents. Considering that Xie Yang is confirmed to have been tortured numerous times in prison; and considering that the family-appointed defense lawyers of other victims arrested in Tianjin and other places in the 709 crackdown were also deprived by authorities of their right to meet with their clients, Chen states the following: she’ll never dismiss Zhang Chongshi and Lin Qilei as Xie’s chosen defense lawyers; since losing his freedom and having been deprived of his right to meet with and obtain help from his lawyers, Xie’s “right to a self-appointed lawyer" has been violated; the authorities’ appointing a lawyer out of “kindness” is meaningless; any other Chinese lawyer who casts aside professional ethics and accepts the position of being Xie’s “officially designated defense lawyer”—in effect an appointment by the authorities by force—is acting contrary to the law and should be condemned. Furthermore, she and Xie will never give up pursuing unscrupulous lawyers of this kind on moral and legal grounds.















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