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Zhao Wei’s Husband: Zhao’s Defense Lawyer Arrested for “False Rumors”

July 8, 2016

You Minglei is the husband of Zhao Wei. The content of this message is from Weiquan Wang.

Statement from You Minglei:

I received news tonight that Mr. Ren Quanniu, the lawyer I appointed to represent Zhao Wei, was criminally detained on July 8 by public security authorities in Zhengzhou for “creating and spreading false information on the Internet that Zhao Wei was molested.” The police authorities claimed that “the relevant information [from Ren], having been shared and reported numerous times, has had a harmful effect on society and seriously damaged Zhao Wei’s reputation. The actions constitutes a suspected crime.”

During the 709 Crackdown last year, the authorities arrested my wife Zhao Wei and have held her in the Tianjin Detention Center. I appointed Mr. Ren Quanniu as her defense counsel. During this period, spanning nearly one year, Mr. Ren meticulously fulfilled his duties. He communicated with the authorities many times, and traveled to Tianjin many times to request meetings with Zhao Wei. After the Tianjin police refused his requests, he brought the case to the procuratorial authorities. In a situation in which there was no way to tell whether Zhao Wei was even alive, Ren sought to verify some online rumors through Weibo. He went to Tianjin with lawyer Yan Huafeng to discuss the information with the police, but did not receive any definite answers. And to this day he has not been able to meet with Zhao Wei.

Under this circumstance, it is an outright absurdity for the Zhengzhou police to accuse him of “spreading fake rumors.” I strongly condemn the shameless conduct of the authorities. I demand the immediate and unconditional release of lawyer Ren Quanniu.



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