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Open Letters and other documents by former police officers prevented from protesting in Beijing

October 26, 2012

Dozens of former police officers from many provinces who are victims of miscarriage of justices arrived in Beijing in recent days for a planned protest in the capital. By October 23, nearly 20 of them were detained and sent back to their home cities. Among them were He Zuhua, from Henan Province, Tian Lan, from Hebei, Song Xiuling, from Helonggiang, Jiang Fuyou, from Hubei, and Liu Guoqiang, from Henan. Previously, in August and September, the former police officers jointly issued two open letters on the Internet requesting the CPC leadership and the delegates to the upcoming 18th Party Congress to address the serious corruption in the judicial system, correct the miscarriage of justice in their individual cases, and restore their former positions and all the privileges.