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Tufu (Wu Gan)

Fujian rights defender Wu Gan (screenname “the Butcher”) was tried at the Tianjin No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court for “inciting subversion of state power” in a closed hearing on the morning of August 14. The areas around the court were heavily guarded, more than 20 supporters were picked up in...
Reports continue to expose the serious human rights violations committed against lawyers and activists arrested in the 709 Crackdown. In addition to attorneys Xie Yang, Li Heping, Li Chunfu, as well as activist Wu Gan, many rights defenders caught up in the crackdown are reported to have been...
Lawyer Li Fangping shares details of of his first meeting with Fujian activist Tu Fu (aka Wu Gan). He says he was moved by Tu’s optimism, humor, warmth, perseverance, calm, and sense of responsibility. The meeting lasted less than an hour. Tu Fu was detained on May 19, initially sentenced to...
In a country without freedom and democracy, drinking tea is the only way to become a real citizen. “Drinking tea” usually refers to interviews with the police or state security because of your citizen actions or things you’ve said.
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