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CRF 2003, No.1 - Incorporating Responsibility 2008

China as a Partner to the World

Corporate Citizenship and Human Rights

  • Global Codes of Conduct - A Summary
    A look at some of the Corporate Social Responsibility codes that serve as stop-gap measures to protect labor rights while China lacks independent unions.
  • Corporate Responses to Human Rights
    Robert Rosoff describes how some multinational companies respond to labor rights violations and human rights abuses they confront in China.
  • Code Compliance at adidas - The Human Factor
    Stephen Frenkel and Duncan Scott study the factors influencing the effectiveness of adidas-Salomon's code of labor practice on its main manufacturing suppliers in China.
  • China and the American Anti-Sweatshop Movement and CSR on the Agenda in Beijing
    Katie Quan observes that international ambivalence over applying codes of conduct to China hurts workers both in China and abroad.
    A recent conference in Beijing suggests that the concept of coporate social responsibility is making headway in China. HRIC presents the agenda of the conference, which included two articles adapted for this issue of CRF.

Giving Human Rights a Sporting Chance

Regular Features

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