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Honor Human Rights Defenders——Send Messages to Imprisoned and Detained Human Rights Defenders to Show Your Support

Human rights defenders play a critical role in ensuring peaceful exercise of rights and promoting an independent civil society. As China’s civil society faces increasingly steep restrictions, human rights defenders have become the targets of draconian and comprehensive crackdowns. For their efforts, many human rights defenders have lost their jobs, family members, and personal freedom; many suffer mistreatment and torture in prison.

In these dark times for so many of them, HRIC honors their work, their spirit of dedication, and the great price they continue to pay in promoting the progress of civil society. Please take a moment to send messages to the imprisoned and detained rights defenders—to show your concern, solidarity, and support.

HRIC has compiled a list of human rights defenders who are currently imprisoned or detained and their addresses. You may send your messages in one of two ways:

  1. By mailing a card or letter to the prison/detention center using both the English and Chinese addresses.
  2. By sending your message to us via email at (subject line: Support Message for Human Rights Defender). We will translate any messages received through February 18, 2022 and mail them to the respective defenders.




I learned about your story and want to let you know that you are not alone in this difficult time. 

Thank you for all that you have done to protect fundamental rights and promote an independent civil society in China.




Our list is by no means complete and we will continue to augment it. We welcome your contribution. Please send information about rights defenders not on our list and their addresses to this email address: (subject line: Info on Chinese human rights defenders) and we will add to the list after verification.

Sentenced (In order of sentence length)
Sentencing Pending (in order of the date of detention/arrest)
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