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Hong Kongers Call for Democracy & Universal Suffrage, 2014

Making Yellow Ribbons

What do yellow ribbons mean to two five-year-olds?

Interview with Tat and Lok

Two occupiers describe protest life in Mong Kok and their contrasting views of the future.

Interview with Carmen Kwong

Carmen Kwong, author and publisher, tells why she spends her evenings making leather yellow ribbons in Admiralty, where the money comes from to buy the leather, and what she believes the Umbrella Movement has achieved.

Interview with Jason Lam & Sampson Wong

Night after night, messages of support from around the world for Occupy protesters are projected on Lennon Wall in the Admiralty protest site in Hong Kong. These messages—more than 38,000 of them since September 2014—are brought here by Stand By You: ‘Add Oil Machine’ for OCLP, a new media project created by Chris Cheung, Sampson Wong, and Jason Lam.

In this interview, Wong and Lam talk about the origin of their project, how it has changed them, and Hong Kong humor.

Interview with Prof. Fu Hualing

Fu Hualing sees the Occupy movement as being an educational process, benefiting all sides, and believes it will open up the political space in Hong Kong. Fu is a professor at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

Interview with Martin C. M. Lee

In this video, excerpted from a lengthier interview, one of Hong Kong’s “Fathers of Democracy” talks about Beijing’s promises to Hong Kong, the role of the international community in Hong Kongers’ struggle for genuine universal suffrage, mainland’s encroachment on the rule of law in the city, and the students’ fight for the future of Hong Kong.

Interview with Han Dongfang

In this video, excerpted from a lengthier interview, Han applauds the courage and determination of Hong Kongers standing up for their future, but also stresses the importance of being flexible and creative in working toward the ultimate goal of genuine universal suffrage.

Han was a workers’ leader in the 1989 Democracy Movement on the mainland. Based in Hong Kong for the past two decades, he advocates for workers’ rights in mainland China. He proudly calls himself a Hong Konger.

Archiving for the Future

Simon Chu, a former director of government records, and Sampson Wong, a key member of the Umbrella Movement Visual Archives & Research Collective, talk about a project by the people of Hong Kong to document the great blossoming of creative expressions brought forth by the Umbrella Movement.

Emily Lau on Hong Kong students-government dialogue, Oct 21, 2014

In this brief interview with HRIC Executive Director Sharon Hom, Emily Lau, Chairwoman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, urges the Hong Kong people to press on in a peaceful and dignified way and insist to Beijing that Hong Kong should have democratic elections. (October 21, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland)

How Has the Occupy Movement Changed You?

In October 2014, HRIC went to the Admiralty district of the occupy movement to ask participants how the experience has changed them.

Voices from New York: We Still Belong to Hong Kong

Demonstration to Support Hong Kongers' Call for Universal Suffrage
September 27, 2014
12th Avenue $ 42 Street
New York City

HRIC Interview: Edward Chin, organizer, OCLP Finance and Banking Group

In this interview via Skype, Edward Chin shares his concern about what Hong Kong would become if it is heavily influenced by the mainland; his suggestion for a possible next step after the Hong Kong Federation of Students called off the planned dialogue with Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, citing officially-condoned thug violence; and what his group might do if thug violence continues in Hong Kong.

October 3, 2014

HK Protest: Trucks delivering supplies to Occupy Central

Crowds cheer and applaud as they make way for trucks carrying supplies for the sea of protestors.

September 28, 2014

Admiralty (government headquarters area), Hong Kong

Voices from Hong Kong Class Boycott 9/22/14: “We Are Not the Silent Majority”

On September 22, 2014, HRIC went to the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to talk to university students gathering there for the first day of their week-long citywide class boycott.

We asked them two questions: what is the message they want to send to the government and what impact they would like to achieve with the boycott.

See the video for what they told us!

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September 26, 2014
September 22, 2014
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