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Citizens' Square

On November 13, 2013, the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court upheld the “embezzlement” conviction of Wang Dengchao and sentenced him to 11 years’ imprisonment. Today, a farewell letter written by Wang Dengchao in prison was published on Sina Weibo.
The daughter of Liu Ping, one of the three asset transparency advocates on trial in Jiangxi, said that, during the morning session of the first day of the trial on October 28 at the Yushui District Court in Xinyu, the six defense lawyers demonstrated a strong ability to defend their clients in...
In their statement , the six lawyers explained that the termination of their representation of their clients was based on the defendants’ belief that the court’s behavior so far indicates that it would not be possible for the lawyers to conduct a proper defense.
Observations posted on Lawyer Pang Kun’s blog from the October 14 pre-trial meeting for his client, Li Sihua ( 李思华 ) , and two other asset transparency advocates, Liu Ping ( 刘萍 ) and Wei Zhongping ( 魏忠平 ) , which took place at No.
286 lawyers and other citizens have signed this appeal urging the Ministry of Justice and Bureaus of Justice nationwide to restore practicing privileges to 38 lawyers, and guarantee their rights to practice without obstructions.
Sui Muqing and Lin Qilei, the lawyers of detained activist Guo Feixiong (pen name of Yang Maodong), filed a complaint with the Tianhe Procuratorate (天河区检察院) in Guangzhou, against the Directors of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Tianhe District Detention Center. The complaint...
Dozens of lawyers and other citizens signed a letter to the mayor of Jixi to urge him to order the release of Tang Jitian, undertake an investigation, and require those responsible to issue a public apology and compensation for Tang’s unlawful detention.
Chinese Belgian Hu Yang says that Shanghai authorities posted an eviction notice on her in-laws’ home, giving them only five days to vacate the property with no consideration for their safety. Hu protests the conduct of the authorities and calls upon the international community to condemn the...


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