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Citizens' Square

On the afternoon of June 19, Lawyer Sui and three other lawyers went to the Chibi Detention Center in Xianning City, Hubei Province, to visit five activists detained in May. The activists were first placed under administrative detention, and then criminal detention, after unfolding a banner which...
Anhui activist Yao Cheng was detained for 10 days following a trip to Putian, Fujian Province, with Zhang Lin and his daughter, Zhan Anni, in June this year. In this statement , Yao said that he has had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the Zhangs since he parted with them on June 15.
Shi Zongwei, the former Deputy Director of the Department of Labor Service at Zhengzhou Yellow River Engineering Bureau —who was removed from his position because of his participation in social gatherings and posting his opinions online—released three more items relevant to his dismissal.
A statement by Shi Zongwei (史宗伟), former Deputy Director of the Department of Labor Service at Zhengzhou Yellow River Engineering Bureau, who was removed from his position by the Bureau’s Party leadership because he participated in social gatherings, posted his opinions online, and joined sit-ins...
Zhao Changqing —one of the "ten gentlemen of Beijing calling for disclosure of officials’ assets”—is going to prison for the fourth time. The first time was in 1989, when he was arrested because of his activities in Democracy Movement. He was imprisoned again in 1998 and 2002 because he ran for...
In this letter from Ding Zilin and her husband Jiang Peikun, both of the Tiananmen Mothers group, they state that authorities have cut off their Internet connection, landline, and mobile service.
Nine Christians, all former prisoners of conscience, gathered together in Beijing on May 31. In his sermon , Xu Yonghai, the head of the Divine Love Group of the Beijing Christian House Church, prayed for all who were killed, injured, and jailed because of the June Fourth crackdown on the 1989...
An Open Letter Regarding the Suspected Wrongdoing of Wanning Public Security Bureau in the Case of “Principal and Government Officials ‘Renting Rooms’ [at hotels] with Primary School Students”
Li Jianfeng ( 李建峰 ) , a former presiding judge in the Economic Department of Ningde Municipal Intermediate People's Court, Fujian Province, was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment on "subversion of state power" in 2002. Li denied the charges and maintained that his prosecution was in retaliation for...
This public appeal , in the form of a “Missing Person Notice,” is signed by 39 individuals who believe that rights defense activist, Yang Lin, has been “disappeared” by the authorities.


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