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2009 Universal Periodic Review of China

On February 9, 2009, China underwent its first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. During the review, 60 member states of the UN engaged in an interactive dialogue with the Chinese delegation about the implementation of its international human rights obligations.

The 55 other UN member states that had signed up to speak were not able to, due to time limitations. An outcome report outlines the results of China’s review and its dispositions on the recommendations advanced. Of the 99 recommendations made, China accepted 42, indicated that three were already being implemented, committed to examining four, and rejected 50.

Other Resources

  • China's national report submitted in advance of its 2009 UPR: ENCH
  • OHCHR’s compilation of UN information for China’s 2009 UPR: EN, CH
  • OHCHR's summary of stakeholders' submissions for China’s 2009 UPR: ENCH
  • Member states’ advance questions for China’s 2009 UPR: EN1, EN2
  • UPR webcast of China’s 2009 UPR (2009): EN
  • China’s opening statement at the adoption of its 2009 UPR outcome report (2009): EN
  • Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review—China (2009): EN, CH
HRIC Resources
  • HRIC report, submitted to the Human Rights Council: “Implementation and protection of human rights in the People’s Republic of China,” a parallel NGO report by Human Rights in China (2008): EN, CH
  • HRIC press release: “China's UN human rights review: new process, old politics, weak implementation prospects” (2009): EN, CH
  • HRIC press release: “China rejects UN recommendations for substantive reform to advance human rights,” with HRIC summary charts (2009): EN, CH
  • Summary chart of UPR recommendations rejected by the People’s Republic of China (2009): EN
  • Summary chart of UPR recommendations accepted by the People’s Republic of China (2009): EN
  • Summary chart of UPR recommendations “already being implemented” by China (2009): EN
  • Summary chart of UPR recommendations to be examined by China (2009): EN
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