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Hong Kong: “It’s Just the Beginning”

December 11, 2014

Today, Hong Kong police cleared out the Admiralty site of a 74-day peaceful mass civil disobedience movement pressing for genuine universal suffrage. But instead of the closing of a troubling political chapter, hoped for by both the local and central governments, the Umbrella Movement in fact was “just the beginning”—as a protest banner proclaimed—of the people’s citizen activism to protect Hong Kong’s future.

As the announced plans to continue the movement in different forms are already demonstrating, no court injunctions or bailiffs can stop the seismic shift underway in both Hong Kong’s political environment and the people’s political consciousness.

In stark contrast to the Hong Kong SAR and central governments’ inability to advance a constructive political solution to a political problem, Hong Kongers have pursued their cause with eloquence, artistic creativity, humor, resilience, and a spirit of hopefulness found on every corner of the protest sites. Perhaps most important, the people, across demographics and with diverse views on strategy, agree on the key goals:  genuine universal suffrage and the preservation of Hong Kong’s way of life and core values.

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